SFM SnowStorm qualifies for LMES Fuji Live Race!

Swordfish Motorsport driver SFM SnowStorm entered the LeMans eSports competition looking to help the team post a strong showing in this prestigious new competition.  He achieved all that and more with a top 10 in Asian qualifying, earning him an entrance into one of the only 3 pre-Super Final live/LAN races in the competition, the offline race at Fuji Speedway next weekend during the WEC 6 Hours of Fuji race meeting!

Teammates SFM Darkzer and SFM SKYACTIV finished P12 and P15 in the Americas region, narrowly missing qualification in their own right but amassing crucial teams points in Swordfish's quest to obtain one of the 4-6 available team entries to the LeMans Super Final.  However, all eyes were on SnowStorm and this big accomplishment for him, and first major accolade for the young SFM squad.  SwordfishMotorsport.com caught up with the man himself to get his thoughts on the event, racing with Swordfish, and the eSports/virtual racing scene in general.

Q:  I know that throughout the qualifying period you felt like your posted time wasn't your best.  Now that you're through to the Fuji race, how are you feeling?

SFM SnowStorm:  "I don't think my qualifying went 100% the way I would have liked it to, but hopefully I can get some practice in on a wheel before heading to Fuji so I know what to expect. There are a lot of people watching me, and though most of them are excited and very supportive of me in this, actually performing will be terrifying and I'm definitely nervous. Travelling to the track will be a little daunting, but I'm sure I'll be somewhat okay with it."

Q:  You've been around Forza for quite some time.

SnowStorm:  I've been in the Forza scene for a long time (over 10 years), and this is the first time I've been invited somewhere to compete.

Q:  What brought you to Swordfish Motorsport after all that time and all those affiliations and connections?

SnowStorm:   I remember during my time at GLR, I was never able to meet half of GLR because of the sheer size of the team.   I think I like to root for the little guy. That's my stance on SFM. We are a very new team, with not so many people.   I like the fact that we can look at the more established teams (Ax4x, F4H, JSR, HCR, etc.) and with a younger group of talent punch at their level and even win sometimes. It feels pretty good to have the ability to come together as a small collective and do that.

I remember during my time at GLR, there was a good amount of time spent on etiquette and driving styles but there was never much driving beyond getting into a tournament in FM2 (when it was part of the game) and competing with one another. Most, if not all of SFM fits the same type of profile. And winning a race doesn't neccesarily mean that you placed first.

I think we gel together as a team, and yet also know how to manage team functions and efforts with the rest of our racing experience. We also know that when it comes time for RORA (Editor's Note:  Reddit Online Racing Association; www.reddit.com/r/redditracing) or other style competitions, that we can compete independently and still have incredible and close racing. I think my favorite is the team between myself Term, Vin and Mac in the #98 for TORA. We are somewhat serious about it, but have no problem keeping it light and fun (who doesn't love a good meme now and again?).

SwordfishMotorsport.com thanks SnowStorm for giving his thoughts, and of course wishes him the best of luck in the race next weekend!  Fuji will be under a Blizzard Warning on Friday, October 12.  You can follow every lap of his endurance challenge at https://www.twitch.tv/lemansesports!

SnowStorm's LeMans eSports Fuji ride!
SnowStorm's LeMans eSports Fuji ride!

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